The USCIS has many visa options for nonimmigrant temporary workers. Choosing the right path for your application is crucial for ensuring that your immigration process goes as smoothly as possible.

Some of the visas the Trillos Ballerini Law Firm handles include

  • L-1A for managers or executives transferring to a new position within a company
  • L-1B for workers with specialized knowledge transferring to a new position within a company
  • H-1B for workers in certain specialty occupations
  • E-3 for certain “specialty occupation” professionals from Australia
  • TN for professionals from Mexico and Canada working temporarily in the United States, per the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

Our knowledgeable and experienced legal team will pay close attention to all the details of your situation. Our attorneys will define a personalized immigration strategy for you that matches your current circumstances and your future goals.

From the moment you hire the Trillos Ballerini Law Firm, we will have your back. Using our experience, we have created custom toolkits to streamline the process for you as much as possible.

Dedicated team members provide personalized attention at each step along the way to help you understand the requirements, gather the necessary documentation, and understand what you need to do next. You can expect promptness, attention to detail, and open communication from every member of our team.

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