The Trillos Ballerini Law Firm handles complex employment-based immigration with a sure hand. From the initial assessment onward, our attorneys establish a clear immigration strategy that takes into account your immediate situation and personal life goals, keeping in mind both your shorter-term and long-term goals.

We’ve found that a “one size approach” to immigration law definitely does not fit all. The Trillos Ballerini Law Firm provides specialized assistance throughout the immigration process—always keeping our clients’ specific needs and ultimate purposes in mind.

Do you want to establish or invest in a business, or advance within your company? Is your goal to teach, conduct research, or practice your art? Knowing not only what you want (U.S. citizenship, permanent residency, or a short-term visa) but also why can open up options for immigration that you might not have considered or known about.

Our attorneys know what to expect and handle matters with compassion and understanding. We know that immigration processes can be delayed, and that this can create stress for individuals and families. With our compassionate approach and open lines of communication, we help maintain clear expectations about how your case is proceeding and what the next steps will be along the way.